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Dream Window Meanings

The following is a list of dream windows presently available and what each design is associated with.

ANASAZI LIGHTNING: ADVENTURE, active, intense, imperious, formulating, affectionate, forceful, energetic.

BIRD MAN SHADOW: TRANSFORMATION, renewal, innovative, inventive, aware, metamorphosis, opportunity.

CHOCTAW BUNDLE: JUSTICE, unity, respect, charity, formal, courageous, modest, credible, civic minded, balanced.

EARTH BEAR: STRENGTH, honor, respect, responsible, sincere, honest, rational, courage, self-assured, modest.

EARTH KIVA: HONOR, kind, respectful, responsible, curious, experimental, tenacious, quiet, traditional.

FOUR DIRECTIONS: BALANCED,  friendly, communicative, worldly, assured, incorruptible, trustworthy, gentle.

HEALING CIRCLE: HARMONIOUS, spiritual, stable, intense, contrary, advanced, humorous, cyclical, focused, integrated.

HOWLING CANYONS: HONEST, powerful, reasonable, secure, triumphant, decisive,  motivated, attuned, coordinated.

KICKING LIZARD: SENSUAL, eager, passionate, humorous, energetic, excitable, intense, fertile, potent, sensitive.

KISSING STAR: CURIOSITY, tolerant, searching, competitive, wise, content, sentimental,  perceptive, affectionate.

KOKOPELLI: PROFICIENT, lucky, generous, eccentric, independent, prolific, tireless, productive, creative.

KUKA FISH: INTUITIVE, insightful, imaginative, virtuous, respectful, reverent, friendly, gracious, naïve, loving.

LOOKING WOLF: KINSHIP, pathfinder, energetic, calculating, direct, protective

MEDICINE DANCING: ACTION, observant, active, magical, psychic, aware, seeking, physical, intellectual, impressionable.

MEDICINE BUNDLE: HEALING, renewal, metamorphosis, recovery, rebirth, movement, emergence.

PEEPING QUAIL: CREATIVE, decisive, innovator, ambitious, compulsive, altruistic, compliant, modest, unique.

RAVEN NORTH: DAUNTLESS, survivor, conservative, conventional, precise, fastidious, talkative, inquisitive.

ROLLING THUNDER: CHANGE, mysterious, liberal, proficient, outspoken, visceral, impulsive, remote, discreet.

SKY DANCER:  GRACE,  leadership, resolute, graceful, versatile, fluid, persistent, courage, dramatic.

SOLSTICE JOURNEY: SURVIVOR, guardian, protect, oversee, shield, ambitious, ancestral, prominent.

STANDING DEER: JUDICIOUS, instinctive, adept, cautious, subdued, prudent, discrete, imaginative, lenient.

THUNDER SPIRIT: ACTIVE, accomplished, resolute, aware, strategic, acute, clever, consequent.

TWO QUAIL: ASSOCIATE, companion, passionate, loving, sensual, protective, consistent, unbiased, equitable.

TWO SALMON: CYCLE,  balanced, considerate, diplomatic, fair, anonymous, courageous, outspoken, compassionate.

TWO SPIRIT: CONTRARY, mystical, spiritual, creative, innovative, progressive, resilient, humorous, symbiotic, intuitive.

TURTLE SONG: LONGEVITY, teacher, reliability, mother earth, permanence.

WISDOM GIVER: ABUNDANCE, providence, noble, discerning, disciplined, responsible, romantic,  foresight.

WITCH CREEK: MYSTICISM, prophetic, curious, psychic, spiritual, sensible, cerebral, responsive.

WILDCAT CANYON: CENTERED,  fertile, nurturing, abundant, happy, giving, emotional, communal, gregarious.

WHITE BUFFALO: PSYCHIC, mystical, courage, prophetic, secretive, ancestry.