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Visioning Shield Meanings

The following is a list of shields available.  

Each  shield design has a special meaning.

BEAR CLAN SHIELD - STRENGTH, skillful, wisdom, resourceful, intuition,  improviser, dependable.

BUTTERFLY SHIELD – TRANSFORMATION, rebirth, journey, fruition, introspection, consistency, new beginnings, artistic, imaginative.

DEER HEART SHIELD - CHEERFUL, earthy, warm hearted, independent spirit, physical, open-minded, fashionable.

EAGLE PRAYER SHIELDLEADERSHIP, courage, resolute, graceful, versatile, liquid, persistent, theatrical.

EARTH BEAR SHIELD - STRENGTH, honor, respect, responsible, sincere, honest, rational, courage, self-assured, modest.

EARTH MOTHER SHIELD -  HARMONY, balance, responsive, controlled, resourceful, potent, enduring, textured.

FOUR DIRECTIONS SHIELD: - BALANCE, friendly, communicative, steady, worldly, assured, incorruptible, trustworthy, gentle.

HUMMINGBIRD SHIELDPRODUCTIVE, rainbringer, abundance, prosperity, fertility, joyful, laughter, energetic, happy.

KICKING LIZARD SHIELD - SENSUAL, eager, appealing, passionate, humorous, energetic, potent.

KOKOPELLI SHIELD - ABUNDANCE, generous, prolific, tireless, eccentric, independent, lucky.

KUMEYYAY JOURNEY SHIELD - PASSAGE, intuitive, recovery, rebirth, endurance, skill, actualizing, patient, giving.

NORTHERN SUNGUIDANCE, protection, resilience, direction, spontaneity, precision, humility.

PEYOTE PRAYER CIRCLE - GRACE, sincere, spiritual, righteous, mild mannered, creative, pure nature, positive.

RAINBIRDS SHIELD -  PROSPERITY, fertility, balance, symmetry, spontaneity, revitalization, rebirth.

RISING SUN SHIELD - OPTIMISTIC, kind, ingratiating, theatrical, sympathetic, disciplined, sensitive, flexible, accommodating.

SHAMAN CLAN SHIELD - AWARENESS, tenderness, nurturing, dynamic, perceptive, harmony, teacher.

SKY DANCER SHIELD -  GRACE,  leadership, resolute, graceful, versatile, fluid, persistent, courage, dramatic.

SPIDER WOMAN SHIELD – ENCHANTING, sacred, mature, venerable, masterful, proud, dexterous, whimsical, vigorous.

SPOTTED SUN SHIELD - TRUTH, humble, whimsical, diplomatic, compassionate, unpretentious.

STAR WOMANHARMONY, nurturing, tenderness, dynamic, perceptive, clever, visionary, intuitive.

STOMP DANCE SHIELD - TRADITION, history, community, family, order, culture, order, coherence.

THUNDERBIRD SHIELD - MAGNANIMOUS, Strength, eccentric, whimsical, proud, direct, idealistic, aristocratic.

TURTLE CLAN SHIELD - TRANSFORMATION, idyllic, imaginative, foresight, tranquil, tireless, passionate, potent.

WEDDING SHIELD - HARMONY, friendship, trust, honesty, humor, fertility, longevity, patience, flexibility.

WHITE BUFFALO – PSYCHIC, mystical, courage, prophetic, straightforward, honest, optimistic, universal.

WHITE BUFFALO SONG – MYSTICAL, psychic, courage, prophetic, ancestral, sincere, personal.

YEI SONG SHIELD - MODEST, neutral, confident, resilient, disciplined, tenacious, lenient.