Kenneth Banks Design, 749 Selma PL, San Diego, CA 92114  (619) 795-1993         Artwork ©Kenneth Banks 2012
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Anaglyphs and Chromaglyphs

Kenneth Banks coined the terms anaglyph and chromaglyph back in 1994 to describe two new styles he was developing. These items were to be 3-d relief's which would be framed in a shadowbox frame. Anaglyph was used to describe an item which had limited color and chromaglyph was created to describe an item which had many colors. These pieces include masks, symbols and Messengers. Messengers are beings based in Southwestern Native American culture who are the intermediaries between the earthly plain and the Spirit world. They have been described as the “Angels” of Native American spiritual belief.

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Cloud Running Eagle

Mask Chromaglyph


Pot Carrier Turtle Mask  Chromaglyph


Throwing Stick Bear Mask Chromaglyph $175.00

Water Drinking Coyote Mask Chromaglyph


Katchina Mask Chromaglyph


Eskimo Mask Chromaglyph


Bear with Heartline


Large Chromaglyphs are 12” (30.48cm) wide x 15-3/16” (38.57cm) high and come ready to hang. The shadowbox frame is wood and is available in black or blonde.

Small Chromaglyphs are 9-7/8” (25.08cm) wide x 11-7/8” (30.16cm) high ready to hang. Wood frame is available only in black.